• Localization

    Redice Studio developed a translation supporting tool and uses various techniques to translate and digitalize popular webtoons from global Korean webtoon platforms; Naver, Daum, and Kakao Page, etc. Occasionally, we edit when we glocalize the contents to prevent foreign users from feeling uncomfortable with cultural differences.

  • Examine Work

    Examine stories and characters. Localized by considering national and cultural haracteristics according to the target language.
  • Translate

    Translation work combined with localization as a target language by a translation team consisting of native speakers who have a high understanding of basic comic characteristics and stories.
  • Revision

    The translation is revised by professional Korean translators who have a high understanding of the target language and culture of the country to naturally improve the quality.
  • Digitalize

    A professional worker with a high understanding of the target language puts a completed translation on the original drawings and digitize sound effects with a similar design of the original.
  • Final Revision

    Final revision to check if the writing and drawing flows naturally when a native speaker user reads it to improve the quality.